Quality Standards

Our quality standards belongs to dowel bars and rebars line. These Products are developed according to ABNT, NBR, (brazilian standards) ASTM and SAE (international standards).

Standards Main Applications Main Products
NBR 7007 MR 250 / ASTM A36 Metal structures, metalwork, machinery and agricultural implements Cantoneira, Perfil I, Perfil U, Perfil T, Barra Redonda, Barra Quadrada e Barra Chata
NBR 7007 AR 350 ou AR 415 / ASTM A572 Power and telecommunications transmission towers, metal structures in general, machinery and equipment, road and rail implements Cantoneira, Barra Chata e Barra Redonda
NBR 7007 AR 350 COR / ASTM A588 Metal structures in general, machinery and equipment and other applications where additional protection against atmospheric corrosion is required Cantoneira, Barra Chata e Barra Redonda
SAE J403 / J404 Tie rods, parts for machines and equipment, wire drawing, forging, machining and spring bundles Barras Redondas e Barras Chatas
NBR 7480 CA50 Reinforced concrete structures Vergalhão

Structural Steel

NBR 7007 ASTM Main

Proof Stress
Lo = 200mm (%)
MR 250 A36 Structural carbon steel of medium mechanical resistance min. 250 400 to 550 min. 20
AR 350 A572
Level 50
Highly resistant microalloyed structural steels min. 345 min. 450 min. 18
AR 415 A572
Level 60
Highly resistant microalloyed structural steels min. 415 min. 520 min. 16
AR 350
A588* Microalloyed structural steel with high mechanical resistance and higher resistance to atmospheric corrosion min. 345 min. 485 min. 18
*Under request

SAE Steel

Standards Main Properties Carbon (%) Manganese (%) Phosphorus (%) Sulfur (%)
SAE 1020 General purpose low carbon steel 0,18 – 0,23 0,30 – 0,60 max. 0,040 max. 0,050
SAE 1045 Medium carbon steel 0,43 – 0,50 0,60 – 0,90 max. 0,040 max. 0,050
*Detailed chemical composition only.